Monday, September 20, 2010

I have a daughter

The last saturday, I went to follow up the doctor. I got a good news becuase I saw my daughter in the U/S monitor. The doctor told me have the daughter.
I call her " Summer", this is her nickname ^_^

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2 hours baby beanie

I like knit the baby gifts for my freinds, when they are post partum. I like knit the baby beanie , mittens and booties for the baby gift set.

1. Baby yarn
2. Circular needle size 6 mm long 13 inchs

size : 0-3 months

CO 48 sts.
- k2 p2 for 8 rounds
- knit to end even the beanie high 6.5 inchs
- cut the yarn and thread it through all stitchs and pull it for close the top of beanie
- Decorate it by the knit flower for the girls

knit flower pattern
CO 6 sts.
row 1 : k across
row 2,4,6,8 : p across
row 3,5,7 :kfb across
row 9 : cast off and make it curl

sew the flower on the beanie , yeahhhh

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

free pattern: my honeymoon hat

we went to Pai for honeymoon trip on December 2009. I knited our winter hat for this trip. I love them. I adapt the pattern from this link,

Monday, December 21, 2009

5 Days Honeymoon Trips@Pai

5 December 2009 At 6.30AM We leave from Korat and get to Chiangmai at 6.40PM

The highway is bend and steep make us late. Becuase this is the first time that we drive the car to Chiangmai and we rest and take a photograph everywhere that we want.

7.30PM we go to Chiangmai walking street. I love shopping and my husband spoil me. hee..hee

6 December: In the morning we have a breakfast in the resturant of Iyara Hotel, where we live.
and go to Gatekaram Temple , Doi Suteph and Phu Phing Ratchaniwet Residence.Because I wear the short pant ,The receptionist ask for me wear the sarong when I get in Buddha's relics and the residence.

At 18.00PM we have a dinner and go back to Iyara hotel . we watchs TV and sleeping
7 Deccember we have a breakfast and I am going to the salon near the hotel . When we check out from Iyara hotel , we go to Pai by our car.

Pai Meahongson is charmming. My husband tell me, we will come in Pai later,sure!! ^^
We live in Rak Rim Pai resort thistime , the next we will live in Pu Pai art resort,certainly