Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2 hours baby beanie

I like knit the baby gifts for my freinds, when they are post partum. I like knit the baby beanie , mittens and booties for the baby gift set.

1. Baby yarn
2. Circular needle size 6 mm long 13 inchs

size : 0-3 months

CO 48 sts.
- k2 p2 for 8 rounds
- knit to end even the beanie high 6.5 inchs
- cut the yarn and thread it through all stitchs and pull it for close the top of beanie
- Decorate it by the knit flower for the girls

knit flower pattern
CO 6 sts.
row 1 : k across
row 2,4,6,8 : p across
row 3,5,7 :kfb across
row 9 : cast off and make it curl

sew the flower on the beanie , yeahhhh


  1. i made it and it looks so cute! thank you for posting these easy instructions!

  2. I can't get the kfb stitch to work! I love the hat, I just wish I could get the cute little flower on it too!

  3. Question??? Do I need to decrease my stiches to complete this hat???

  4. @Judy: Don't decrease your stitches but you can thread a tail of yarn through all stitchs and pull it for close the top of beanie

    @migdelis: You like it, I'm glad.
    @Anonymous: kfb is knit the front of stitch then knit the back of same stitch.

  5. Hi, is the flower knit in the round or straight needles?